Ever Considered an Oil Rig Job?

Oil Rig land - CopyI’ve been doing some reading lately about how the oil business is booming in places like Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, and even Alaska. The off shore oil business is going crazy too. And just thinking to myself about the roughly 15% actual unemployment rate in the U.S. and wondering if more able bodied men and women should not be considering applying for the oil rig jobs, either onshore or offshore. Yes, women are also working there. There are a lot more jobs than just being a Rough Neck on an oil rig.

Check out this website www.myoilrigjobs.com in case you want to take a look. If you are unemployed and don’t mind a little hard work, you might check out the oil business. Salaries are great but it is hard work, if you can handle working hard. Notice I put “hard work” there three times in case you missed it the first two.

This might be a good career move, never know until you try.

oil rig offshore

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